Welcome, To the Inside Of My Brain!

Welcome to The Bunny Pond, where I share my my thoughts, my experiences, and even give updates on my writing.

Here we have the blog mascot, Hedda:


She’s very excited to be a part of this.  And yes, that is a monkey that she’s standing on.  I would like to note here that Hedda is a troll, not a bunny, but she feels that she can overcome this shortcoming with her charming personality.

More than anything else, I want to become a published writer.  I have a couple of short stories out in circulation right now, and I’m in the revision stage of a fantasy novel that one day I’d like to try and get published.  Most of my writing falls in the fantasy and science fiction genres.

I have two other books that need revising, but their shortcomings are so vast that a full rewrite is in order for both.  I get together with one of my cousins once a week, or as close to that as possible, to have a Creativity Day where we have a little writing or creativity workshop that helps both of us keep on track with our projects.

I am also a knitter and a gamer.  I have two weekly gaming groups where we play RPGs.  I also have a pretty decent collection of strategy board games, as does my boyfriend, and we go to board gaming events whenever we can.

This blog will be about my writing, my gaming, and sometimes my knitting if it manages to be exciting enough.  I will post the occasional story here too.

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