Because Dessert Makes Everything Better

The other night I continued work on a short story, working title “…And Dessert Bar on Sundays.”  I had gotten to the end of the original story idea, which involves an alien appearing on a young woman’s property with a very unusual request.  Then I was stuck, trying to think of how to either bring the story to an end, or to bring in a twist to bring some extra interest to the story.

Then I turned on internet radio, started a new channel for Chopin, and it was like flipping a switch.  I got 1100 more words done very quickly on a story that had become a struggle.  They aren’t all good words, I’m sure, but that’s what the rewrite will be for. The phenomenon continued at the next session, when the story grew to the point where I’m no longer sure where it’s going.  Lesson of the day: Chopin is magic.  Music is magic. (Now that’s going to be stuck in my head the rest of today.)

As I write, I often stop and ask myself why it is that so many of my lighter, theoretically funnier stories, have to do with food and eating.  There’s the voracious appetite of trolls in Underside, my urban fantasy in progress, and now the short story I’m working on has a lot to do with food too.  It wasn’t even meant to to be a funny story – but when I sit back and look at the big picture of what’s going on, I just laugh.  Time will tell if that means I’m crazy, or if it’s actually funny.  I think I just find a lot of humor and happiness in food.

I do have an odd sense of humor.  The IT guy came into my office at work recently and said, “Is it hot in here, or is it just me?”  It took him a second to figure out why I started laughing.  After further discussion, turned out that I was perfectly comfortable – and so it was, in fact, him. 😛

My current projects are – revising Underside the novel, finishing the first draft of ‘…Dessert Bar,’ and hammering out a one-shot adventure for The One Ring role playing game for my Thursday night gaming group.  Then there’s this blog – the boyfriend has been asking about another blog post since I put up the first one.  Now there are two more – the one from last night, and the one from this morning.  I had been planning on posting once a week, but if inspiration strikes more often than that, I’m going to post more often than that.

Thanks for reading.

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