A Weekend Well Spent

I feel a little better about the Mondays that follow a full weekend.  I always think that I need Sundays completely off, to be refreshed for Monday, but I know that isn’t really true.  I need to fill up my weekend, so I can go to work on Monday morning feeling good about my life outside of work, if not my work itself.  Otherwise I feel like I squandered precious free time, which makes it harder to face my day.


The most exciting thing about this weekend is that I have taken a solid step into the second draft of Underside.  I’m rereading the first draft carefully, taking notes, so I can dive into the revision with all the important points in mind, like making sure that if the story starts on a Monday, the next day is not implied to be a Friday, or even a Sunday.  I’m wincing at some of the prose, too, but I keep telling myself that no first draft is perfect.  (If anyone out there has written or knows of a perfect first draft – please, don’t tell me.)


I also went to see Iron Man 3.  It was very good, I would like to see it again.  I like that they did some development of Tony Stark’s character.  I love Robert Downey Junior as Tony Stark.  I like that the big plot twist was so utterly unexpected – at least to me, even if I’m not sure I like the nature of the twist itself.  


(Hedda loves Tony Stark, to the point that I think Pepper Potts better watch her back!)

Sunday there was a lot of gaming, with me running Pathfinder for some friends.  It was difficult, and I was a little stressed halfway through, mostly because I don’t really feel confident as a  GM since I don’t have a lot of experience.  By the end it turned around and everyone was having a good time.  There was a kobold dance party, I’m feeling pretty good about that 🙂  We have a pretty good group, and tonight we’re getting back together for our regular Rise of the Runelords game.  I’m looking forward to it, mainly because tonight I get to play instead of run! 🙂

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