I Am Paralyzed By Anticipation

I had a short story I was very happy with that was submitted to a magazine in February.  The magazine is supposed to have an eight week response time, but I haven’t gotten a response, not even a rejection.  I feel like if I was going to be accepted, they would have done it by now, but I thought the same about being rejected. I’m pretty sure I’ve waited as long as I’m expected to wait.    Is it okay for me to move on?  Should I keep waiting?  I fear that until I hear one way or the other I’ll be caught in this limbo.  It’s a good thing there are other stories to circulate!

I just finished reading the first draft of Underside, my fantasy novel in progress.  There is a shockingly vast gulf between the book I thought I’d written, and the book that I rediscovered over the last few days.  I have a lot of work to do.

Our Thursday night gaming group is taking a break from Pathfinder to try out other games for a while.  This week will be either Microscope or Fiasco.  I’m voting for Fiasco.  I played it at Gen Con last year, and I’m ready to jump on the chance to play again.  Last night I watched the Tabletop episodes as an entertaining way of reminding myself of the rules while trying to address my sock issues.  Both goals have been attained.

The key to a good day is to set some attainable goals, and then attain them.  Goal #1, dress myself and pack a lunch.  I’m setting myself up for real success here.

2 thoughts on “I Am Paralyzed By Anticipation

  1. amberskyef

    Expect the response time to take double what is listed. This is very common for a lot of magazines. Also, you won’t always received rejection slips. Are you doing simultaneous submissions? Even if the magazine tells you not to, do it anyway because there is no sense in you wasting time on one magazine. Your time is valuable too. Plus, they don’t have to know it is a simultaneous submission. Should you get accepted, you can always withdraw from the other ones. So just start sending it out to other magazines.


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