A Fine Line Between Stephanie Meyer and Arthur C. Clarke?

The internet says I write like Arthur C. Clarke.

I write like
Arthur Clarke

I Write Like. Analyze your writing!

Clearly, this is a reliable source, because they got his name right and everything.

The first try at this, I provided only one paragraph of the novel I’m working on, and it told me I write like someone I’m really not a fan of.  After I recovered, I added a few more paragraphs and it gave me results that I like. Wisely, I’m stopping there, and I’m going to continue with the second draft of my book.

Edit: The more pages I add, the more it changes. I can’t seem to stop. I became giddy when analysis of 5 pages told me I write like Stephen King. I can’t top that so I’m stopping. For real this time.

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