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Another Fractal Friday Already?

I’m afraid so.  Hedda and I were working on another article on love, she has a lot of wisdom to share, but she became distracted when we got rid of the Ugly Couch and found this:


She thinks we’ve been invaded by Borrowers. She’s been watching the hole with such vigilance that she’s forgotten all about giving advice to the masses.  She’s talking about mounting an expedition into the hole.  I’m talking about buying some spackle.

With that in mind (curse Hedda’s single-mindedness!) I’m left with a Fractal Friday update.

1. Last night I played Universalis for the first time ever.  I had so much fun, I should write a formal review – another thing to put on the list!  I would love to play again, even if it’s something different from the story.  Personally, I wanted to see how it ended, but it was late and the host wanted to go to bed.

We created the story of two kingdoms – one on land, one under the sea.  The badger king sent his Knight Ermine to the underwater kingdom to recover a stolen artifact.  A pirate ferret on the run was in the underwater kingdom, seeking enough treasure to get his high maintenance princess girlfriend to run away with him.  He gets caught up in the Knight Ermine’s quest to find the Golden Hook when the agent of the Leviathan Cult comes after him to steal the magic charm he carries…

Well.  There was more pending, but we ran out of time.  I’d love to finish the story, but more likely we’ll start from scratch last time.  Not everyone in our group liked the talking animals schtick.

2. I have a new but deep love of storytelling RPGs. I haven’t met one I didn’t like – I’m going to be spending a lot of time in the Indy Games room at Gen Con.

3. I had my first serious fangirl moment when I found out Mercedes Lackey is going to be at Gen Con.  She was one of the few women fantasy/sci-fi authors I found when I was a kid.  She made it seem possible for me to do what she does – tell stories.  I wasn’t even this excited about getting Wil Wheaton’s autograph.

Things I’m Working On:

Profiles and a portfolio for freelance work

Plans for an eventual website of my own

The revision of Underside (Novel)

Revising a short story about an alien encounter

Learning SEO – I feel like I’ve got a grip on it, but I haven’t finished the book.  I need to do that before I make official changes to my profiles.

I Am Paralyzed By Anticipation

I had a short story I was very happy with that was submitted to a magazine in February.  The magazine is supposed to have an eight week response time, but I haven’t gotten a response, not even a rejection.  I feel like if I was going to be accepted, they would have done it by now, but I thought the same about being rejected. I’m pretty sure I’ve waited as long as I’m expected to wait.    Is it okay for me to move on?  Should I keep waiting?  I fear that until I hear one way or the other I’ll be caught in this limbo.  It’s a good thing there are other stories to circulate!

I just finished reading the first draft of Underside, my fantasy novel in progress.  There is a shockingly vast gulf between the book I thought I’d written, and the book that I rediscovered over the last few days.  I have a lot of work to do.

Our Thursday night gaming group is taking a break from Pathfinder to try out other games for a while.  This week will be either Microscope or Fiasco.  I’m voting for Fiasco.  I played it at Gen Con last year, and I’m ready to jump on the chance to play again.  Last night I watched the Tabletop episodes as an entertaining way of reminding myself of the rules while trying to address my sock issues.  Both goals have been attained.

The key to a good day is to set some attainable goals, and then attain them.  Goal #1, dress myself and pack a lunch.  I’m setting myself up for real success here.

This Isn’t Getting Any More Timely, Yo.

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Spring Gaming Hoopla in Janesville, WI.  It’s a fun little con, and the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society, so it’s worth attending these Hooplas when the chance arises.  This time, unlike last fall, I decided to pay admission when I arrived and play it all by ear, instead of signing up for everything ahead of time.

That is how I came to sign up for James M. Ward’s “Tower of the Scarlet Wizard” adventure.  I have never played in a game that required so much creative thinking to get through the challenges, and I loved it.  I signed up for the Squirrel Tower the next day, and while we didn’t even make it inside the tower, I had a great time yet again.  I can’t wait until my next chance to play in one of his games.  His company’s website is www.eldritchent.com.  There’s some great stuff there that’s suddenly on my wish list.  All four of the company owners have interesting blogs and they’re all involved in the creative process.  James Ward updates every Monday.

If you have the chance to play in a game with James Ward, I highly recommend that you sign up.


Today I started rereading The Hobbit, by J. R. R. Tolkien.  I have lost track of how many times I’ve read this book, but I’m pretty sure it’s in the double digits.  I’ve loved this book since I was eleven years old, people, and it never gets old.  I’m reading it now mainly because I want to run The One Ring for my Thursday night gaming group, and I feel like revisiting the world through the books would be a good move.

Now it’s time to finish preparing for the game tonight.  If my guess is right, we’ll finish the first book of Legacy of Fire for Pathfinder.  Then next week we’ll more on to less mainstream things.  I have ideas for a one shot adventure of The One Ring, suitable for a con, if I can work out the details.  I think my inexperience as a GM is working against me, but I also think this is a good group to help me hone my skills – I have at least one player that isn’t afraid to give good feedback.